Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide 

Summary of Platforms Reviewed

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Note: Since the original survey was conducted, Partnerize acquired Pepperjam. They are currently one platform in the process of integration. 


Partner Marketing is any business relationship that brings your products to market. This includes, but is not limited to: Channel Partnerships, Affiliate Marketing (Coupon, Loyalty, Discount, Cashback), Influencer Relationships, and Content Partnerships. 


These partnerships are becoming more important due to search, social and Amazon becoming more expensive, while the barriers to creating and scaling partnerships are shrinking and the applications are increasing.

The technology and potential applications that enables you to track, report, and pay partners is growing more sophisticated. This allows you to measure the value of the channel against your business objectives. 

This guide is an evaluation of these technologies and a map to help you determine the best options to fit your needs. It is meant to simplify the decision-making process by helping you identify your priorities. It is a distillation of the thoughts of dozens of program managers with hundreds of combined years of experience. Continue on to be empowered with unbiased information from an independent source of information on platforms, networks and best practices–Martech Record.