Smarter Affiliate Payments

How modern payment technology can lay the foundation for affiliate marketing's most important element: trust between partners.  

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Martech Record, along with experts across the e-commerce realm, have been closely following affiliate marketing’s recent rise to prominence. While industry authorities believe this growth is likely in its early stages, the boom has already revealed both challenges and pitfalls as vendors swarm the industry. Affiliate marketing has always centered around relationship-building, but in an increasingly crowded field, it can be difficult to determine a trusted growth partner.


In the case of leading affiliate marketing platform Refersion, constructing this bridge of confidence is fundamental to effectively recruit and retain affiliates and influencers. 


“Building trust with your affiliates begins with making sure they get paid on time (every time) and by automating tax compliance,” said Alex Markov, CEO and co-founder of Refersion. “Our aim is to offer a complete affiliate marketing platform to track unlimited clicks, coupon codes, and affiliate conversions, while automating direct ACH payments and taxes in a single place.”


Refersion Pay is designed to make influencer and affiliate payments faster, while simultaneously meeting the requirements of tax documentation. Through a direct payment strategy, Refersion Pay allows brands to pay hundreds to thousands of affiliates in a single click. With this level of automation, Refersion Pay’s technology eliminates the need for third-party payment vendors while saving merchants from costly third-party management fees. The platform also allows businesses and affiliates to track the cost and revenue associated with their affiliate marketing campaigns—a task that can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to scale if done manually. 


As affiliate marketing continues to gain traction among ecommerce brands, Refersion is setting the pace for customization and automation. Today’s performance marketers are accustomed to seeing detailed and almost real-time data from analytics platforms, making it all the more crucial for affiliate program reporting to meet such expectations. 


Refersion’s platform provides a personalized affiliate dashboard that displays performance, payment, and tax information. To further fulfill these new industry standards, Refersion Pay offers an array of payment options for affiliates that have a preferred payment method.


“Affiliate programs that do not offer multiple and low cost direct ACH payment options may struggle to attract and retain premium affiliates and publishers with large amounts of traffic,” Markov said.


When it comes to retaining these high-quality publishers, a tailored relationship is a necessity. Top publishers often look for customized content management systems to track performance and meet their payment needs.

“When you work with large publishers, take a personalized approach to developing the relationship rather than relying exclusively on automation,” Markov suggests. 

With a platform like Refersion, performance marketing teams can spend more time recruiting affiliates and less time reacting to affiliate requests. Brands have the ability to streamline their tracking and direct payment processes, and affiliates are empowered to understand the success of their campaigns. 


Offering a seamless, fast, and transparent payment and tax experience for affiliates just got easier with Refersion Pay. More than 57k brands trust Refersion to process more than 615k affiliate orders a day, and track over $1.6 billion in affiliate revenue through its platform. To begin your affiliate marketing journey, contact Refersion at

Refersion, the leading performance marketing platform, builds brand partnerships that drive ecommerce growth, powered by our industry-leading attribution technology and smart data insights. Refersion manages, tracks, and helps grow ambassador, influencer, and affiliate marketing programs with first-party tracking, unlimited offers, custom commission structures, direct affiliate payments and taxes. Refersion works with thousands of ecommerce brands like Barstool Sports, Magic Spoon, Blenders Eyewear, and Pura Vida Bracelets to reach new audiences, drive conversions, and increase revenue.

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