November 29, 2021

Martech Record 

Top 11 new products that will shape affiliate marketing in 2022.

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Affiliate marketing is still in the first inning of growth. So which entrepreneurs will provide the industry with the data, scale and fuel for growth? 

These 11 companies may just be the next wave of acquisition targets by leading platforms and publishers.


Product development is being driven by the following factors: 

Growth in e-commerce revenue for brands and a rise in search and social prices is driving advertisers to pay-after-sale digital partnerships. 

Growth in affiliate revenue for publishers mean publishers to need better data about the value of their content and more operational scale.   

Coming changes to privacy and elimination of cookies will increase the value of first party data for publishers and brands alike.

Growth is resulting in shortage of talent, driving automation.

Martech Record identified four product types that will shape affiliate over the next 24 months:

  • Innovators that help publishers scale like Advon, who makes it easier for publishers to know where to commit resources. 

  • Products that give publishers insight into their content like Clean Cart from the team at 

  • Resources like Publisher Extension that connect supply and demand of emerging content types

  • Tools like Y combinator success story Sleek, that remove friction from the check out process. ​

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