"We're still in the first inning of growth" Ben Faw, Co-founder of Best Reviews & CEO of Advon

In preparation for Martech Record's December 14th live event: Content, Marketing & Commerce, Ben Faw, sat down with Martech Record to share three factors that will unlock growth in the affiliate market.

Ben Faw sat down with Martech Record and discussed shifting ad budgets, the talent shortage and market readiness as he laid out his bullish position for affiliate marketing. He then outlines the bearish position and gave marketers advice on preparing for both. Stream Ben Faw's conversation with Martech Record here.

Martech Record's conversation with Marshall Phelps is a lead up to our live event: Content, Marketing & Commerce: December 14th in Midtown Manhattan which you can stream on-deman here.

December 14th panel discussion and networking happy hour on December 14th is brought to you in part by CJ.

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Gary Kibel, Partner, David + Gilbert

Jon Claydon, Chief Development Officer, Acceleration Partners

Marshall Phelps, Managing Director, Telecom Media & Entertainment, Lazard

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