Upcoming webinar: Strategies for liquidating goods.

In one year we moved from inventory shortages to excesses. How do you liquidate goods online while maintaining brand integrity and potentially create new, loyal customers?

This role was perfected offline by TJX, Ross' and Burlington's by making the in-store experience a rewarding treasure hunt. Now that e-commerce represents 20% of all retail sales and $500 billion in excess inventory sits on shelves what options and strategies exist e-commerce teams?

Register here to join our November 16th, 3pm roundtable discussion with Bob Glazer, Founder of Acceleration Partners, Brenda Salamone, Retail Merchandising Consultant and Cormac Jonas, Founder of SAVR to discuss the particular challenges of finding brand safe environments for high end goods in turbulent times.

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December 6th, 3pm-8pm, New York City. Marketing, Content & Commerce. Live event. Click here for agenda, networking and registration.

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