Stream on-demand: Three affiliate perspectives: the investor, the organization and the channel

From Martech Record's Live Event: Marketing, Content & Commerce.

The View from Above: the Investor view of the affiliate market. Join JEGI-CLARITY, LUMA PARTNERS and METHUSELAH ADVISORS as they discuss what is driving industry growth, what deals are important and what to look out for in 2022. Stream on-demand here courtesy of

The Organizational View: Marketers and Publishers and the change in org structure, mindset and measurement. Leaders from Buzzfeed, Zola, Parachute Home and Advon Commerce discuss how experimentation and collaboration are changing marketing budgets and shifting product priorities at publishers. Stream on-demand here courtesy of Methuselah Advisors. (Please note: we had to fix an audio issue from 17:43-25:20, you may skip the rain delay and head straight to 25:20).

The Channel View: Affiliate Marketing leaders and how their roles are fundamentally changing. Predictions for 2022 that will impact your job with Weisss Digital Consulting, Mealfinds, Forbes and PartnerCentric. Stream on-demand here courtesy of CJ.

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