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Privacy & compliance: panelists discuss total enlightenment and government compromise.

On our Tuesday morning webinar, thoughtfully presented by CJ, our panelist laid out the never ending complexity of potential local, state, national and regional regulation. Then they layered on the strategic challenges of presented by gatekeepers like Google, Facebook & Apple. The framework for decision seemed dire. But then the panelists provided simple, tested frameworks for dealing with uncertainty that left webinar feeling hope. Stream a recording of the webinar here to feel a sense of calm in a the turbulent sea of regulation.

Privacy & Compliance webinar was presented by CJ.


Radek Masciaszek. Radek is a Chief Architect at Skimlinks where he specializes in large-scale data analysis and cloud computing. During his professional career, Radek worked on building big data solutions for data-intensive clients, including digital ad networks such as OpenX, Orange, Kantar, Cognitive Match and many more. He has also worked for digital start-ups, including eCourier, A4G and as a data scientist with Moore Capital Management (a hedge fund). He also has a BSc in Computer Science, as well as a Master's in Cognitive and Decisions Sciences and MSc in Bioinformatics from Birkbeck, University of London.

For companies operating at the intersection of digital media, advertising, technology and consumer privacy, the legal landscape is rapidly evolving. Gary Kibel, Partner, Davis + Gilbert, provides much-needed direction to clients involved in both emerging businesses and well-established companies engaging new technologies. While most of his clients are, broadly speaking, in the marketing industry, his deep knowledge of privacy and data security issues makes him a sought-after counselor to companies in the technology, e-commerce, financial services and employment sectors as well.

Alex Cone is the co-founder of a privacy startup still in stealth mode and an advisor for IAB Tech Lab. Business Insider recently named Alex as one of a handful of "experts who are determining the future of digital advertising." Previously, Alex lead Tech Lab’s privacy, accountability, and addressability initiatives as VP, Privacy & Data Protection. Before Tech Lab, Alex was a product management leader at Xandr, an ad tech platform, directly responsible for its privacy and creative product and engineering plans, execution and go to market. Alex has a deep technical and commercial understanding of the ad tech industry and is fascinated with how it intersects with digital privacy. Alex holds a master’s degree in International Relations focused on European Union Policy Studies, and has also worked in government and non- profit roles. Alex draws on his unique experience as a tech leader with international policy chops to help the digital advertising ecosystem to sustainably navigate the major privacy and identity disruption it faces today.

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