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Martech Record Releases Second Annual Affiliate Industry Buyers Guide

We are pleased to announce the launch of our second annual Affiliate Industry Buyers Guide. The project, which assesses the strengths and weaknesses of affiliate networks and tech platforms, is based on ratings of industry participants from the brand, agency, and publisher sectors.

The Industry Buyers Guide is the only report of its type. It is built on a foundation of ratings from genuine industry experts. The publication is designed to be helpful to anyone seeking the best affiliate technology and service provider. Readers can be assured that the ratings are provided by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

Rating system.

The Buyer’s Guide has created a scoring system that combines each provider's ratings on twelve dimensions of technology and ease of use. The features evaluated were the result of interviews with publishing, agency and advertising professionals who manage affiliate programs. These interviews resulted in user workflows. Workflow tasks that were reliant on a network or platform are evaluated in this guide.

Respondents rate each provider for each dimension on a three-star scale. Each provider’s average scores on these dimensions are added, with a possible perfect score of 36.

Workflows and results are split between agency/brand responses and publisher responses. Participants were asked to rate providers on how well their technology works and how easy it is to use. Awards are based on these categories.

Market Presence Among Brands and Advertisers

The Buyers Guide also includes an innovative measure called Market Presence, which assesses awareness and affinity for each platform by combining scores for three key questions:

  • Percentage of People Aware of a Provider (Awareness)

  • Percentage Who Would Include the Provider in a Platform RFP (Consideration)

  • Percentage Who Would Choose the Platform if they Could Only Choose One (Preference)

Awareness is weighted lowest in the weighting system, consideration is weighted in the middle, and preference is rated highest to provide a more robust sense of market importance.

This year we provided an overall result that aggregated all responses, and also split out the results by industry so that we were able to how awareness, consideration and preference changes between advertisers, agencies & publishers.


We developed our methodology based on the advice and counsel of dozens of industry participants. 135 carefully screened panelists participated in the project this year. Participants averaged more than ten years in the affiliate industry and used an average of five providers throughout their careers. Each panelists is reviewed and approved before their survey is approved to confirm their identity and ensure they have the experience to provide an expert perspective. To ensure accurate ratings for all providers, we based final scores only on ratings from those who have used each platform.

It's important to note that the affiliate business is exceptionally diverse, with participating businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to the largest companies in the world. Our guide is designed to inform individuals working for major brands, publishers, and agencies. 70% of our brand and agency panelists had programs with over $5M in revenue, and 45% managed programs driving more than $20M in sales annually.

Visit this post for more information on our panel.


Here are just a few elements of what’s included in this unique and valuable report:

  • Best Platform for Brands, Agencies, and Publishers

  • Feature Ratings for 12 Technology and Usability Measures

  • Best Platforms for Product Types (e.g., retail, travel, etc.)

  • Extensive analysis

Download a copy of the full report here.

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