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Martech Record industry surveys

We collect and publish independent data to help affiliate marketers make better decisions.

What is this? Each survey asks qualified respondents for their knowledge and/or opinion on topics ranging from marketing trends to product features. Martech Record then aggregates and publishes the data. The purpose of each survey is to create a document with information that will help you and your colleagues make better decisions on products, services, hiring and corporate investments. Your personal or company information is not shared.

Who qualifies? Anyone who presently works at an affiliate/performance marketing agency, an advertiser on the performance/ affiliate team, a publisher/creator that drives revenue from affiliate/commerce marketing or an affiliate platform/ network.

What's in it for me? Besides the warm fuzzy feeling that you're helping the industry grow by fueling better, faster decisions?: Qualified respondents get:

  • Early access and discounted pricing for all live Martech Record events

  • An invitation to the initial presentation of the data & reports

  • Invitation to a private slack channel for industry networking* (*limited to agencies, brands and publishers)

  • A Martech Record digital badge for display on Linkedin

How do you qualify me? If we can't find you on Linkedin and verify your role, we toss the survey.

May I see an example of past reports? Yes! Here is our latest affiliate industry platform guide and here is our latest compensation report.


2022 2H affiliate industry compensation survey (< 2mins to complete)

Coming soon:

2022 Market Presence Survey (August 2022)

2022 affiliate industry network & platform survey (September 2022)

Q3 Trends survey (September 2022)

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