Jason Fairchild, CEO of tvScientific asks "What if we did for TV what we did for paid search?"

Our conversation with Jason Fairchild is a part of our partner marketing ecosystem speaker series, courtesy of impact.com. Stream the discussion here.

Jason Fairchild, cofounder and CEO of tvScientific, hadn’t worked in the television marketing space until founding his company a few years ago. That’s actually proven an advantage, he said.

“I’d always been in performance digital so I speak that language,” he said. “I think we use ‘frequency’ as one of the words in our products, but everything else is digital performance language – that’s what we built the platform on.”

The platform is meant to look and feel like paid search or social for Connected TV, Fairchild said. That’s due in part to Fairchild’s own background: He joined the digital ad industry in 1998 when he joined a startup called GoTo.com. That startup rebranded to Overture before getting acquired by Yahoo! for $1.6 billion.

“Our claim to fame is that we invented and scaled the paid search business model to millions of businesses before Google has gone on to dominate it,” Fairchild said.

The impetus behind founding tvScientific came down to one question: “What if we did for TV what we did for paid search?” Fairchild said, explaining that the market is extremely saturated. Whereas paid search has 9 million participating advertisers, television is still dominated by about 500 advertisers.

To change that, tvScientific aims to democratize access and bring in self-evident measurement metrics than align with the marketer’s KPIs.

Though the platform is built as a self-serve one, Fairchild said building it out requires first offering a managed service to help marketers experiment without having to invest in and learn a whole new platform. That’s why tvScientific built a managed service team to work with marketers.

“Our pitch to the affiliate channel is ‘hey, we’ll do all the work to hit your KPIs and if ever you want to bring this in-house, that’s what our platform is built for and you can do that,'” Fairchild said.

Because of Connected TV, which is now nearly ubiquitous, tvScientific can “deterministically connect the dots between an ad delivered to a household and a purchase made from that household on a one-to-one basis with no fuzzy math and no panels,” Fairchild said. The company works to identify appropriate attribution windows based on product categories and then starts buying media. The strategy is to buy wide and follow the data to determine what is driving conversions.

Fairchild’s advice to performance marketers: Don’t write off television as too concentrated. With the reach of CTV and the beginning decline of social, “you should at least be thinking about this channel,” he said.

Stream the full conversation here, courtesy of impact.com.

The partner marketing ecosystem speaker series is brought to you by Impact. As part of the series, Martech Record also spoke with Erica Yang and Adrian Quihuis of Real Hype Creative and Walter Haas of GIST. You can read about those conversations or stream them here and here.

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