Leading investors: price and complexity are no longer limiting factors in e-commerce growth.

On Thursday August 4th, Martech Record was joined by Dynamism Capital Managing Partner Jonathan Greenglass, Vertical Scope President & COO Chris Goodridge and Best Reviews & Advon Founder Ben Faw to discuss the state of the market in an event sponsored by impact.com.

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The panel, moderated by Martech Record ranged from where marketing budgets are going to where investors see value. The highlights include:

  • There was consensus that the price of an item, or the complexity of the purchase was no longer the limiting factor in its ability to leverage an e-commerce channel. Consumers are willing to trust credible online sources and make big ticket decisions - examples ranged from Yachts to B2B enterprise software.

  • This is driving investment in niche websites with engaged communities where trust is a key factor. In the past, authenticity has been a buzzword which seems to be morphing into a more tangible theme: how much the audience trusts the publication or community helps determine its value.

  • Value from publishing companies is driven by:

  • Diverse traffic patters: very few valuable publishers rely on social for traffic

  • The trust the audience places in the publication/community

  • A sustainable competitive advantage like a network effect

  • True profit (ebita)

  • Alignment with a a secular tailwind

  • A strong management team

  • Value from service organizations comes from the ability to stitch together capabilities in different channels and levels of the marketing funnel.

  • There was some audience pushback on the overall market optimism from the panel, with one question that asked what headwinds they were worried about. The consensus was that it depends on your timeframe: if you're thinking in months there are countless challenges, if you are thinking in years and decades e-commerce is only going to grow, along with the potential to create solutions for the problems & challenges that will inevitably emerge.

This event made possible thanks to the support of impact.com

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