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"Content is business" shares Demandbase VP of Content, Social & Influencer

In preparation for Martech Record's May 23rd live event: Marketing, Content & Commerce Jon Leiberman, VP Content, Social & Influencer Marketing at Demandbase, sat down with Martech Record to share how a career as an investigative journalist was natural preparation to lead a marketing team.

Jon Leiberman sat down with Martech Record and discussed how storytelling has shaped his career and how content is now a core asset of almost any business. Jon shares how his career as an on air journalist let him to working with some of the tech's biggest players, helping them tell stories that resonate with their audience. Stream Jon's conversation with Martech Record here.

Martech Record's conversation with Jon Leiberman is a lead up to our live event: Marketing, Content & Commerce, which you can register to stream on-demand here.

Ma panel 23rd discussion and networking happy hour on December 14th is brought to you in part by Partnerize.

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Jerrid Grimm, Founder of Pressboard

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