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Buyers Guide Coverage: Our Elite Panel

Our policy is to be transparent about every aspect of the Buyers Guide and the respondent sample on whose answers built it. To develop the most valuable and useful buyer guide possible, we take great pains to ensure that the panelists that rate the various providers are highly experienced and familiar with the needs and wants of the world’s largest and most innovative brands. Our panel for 2022 fit the bill and provided a strong balance of the various stakeholder groups.

135 people took the time to answer our extensive survey without receiving a financial incentive. We individually vet each applicant to ensure that the data provided are genuine. This helps us avoid any efforts to bias the sample or stack the deck in favor of one or another vendor.

Our panel consisted of 75% “buyers” (brands + agencies) and 25% publishers. On the buyer side, our panel skews to agency respondents but offers sufficient brand scale to make observations in the report about similarities and differences in product ratings. Across all groups, participants had an average tenure in the industry of 10+ years.

Ours is a North American community, so 99% of respondents are from the US and Canada. The panel composition may lead to lower “market presence” scores for global brands like Awin, whose strongest market presence is in EMEA. Nevertheless, product evaluations of these solutions are based only on people with direct experience using them.

Medium-Large Advertiser Focus

Our respondent population is deliberately skewed to people supporting medium to large large brands. We do this because Martech Record focuses on providing information and insight to the enterprise end of the market. 70% of participants manage programs or businesses with greater than $5M in gross revenue. 44% lead programs with more than $20M in revenue. Many other media voices provide ratings and information for SMBs, and we invite you to consult them if that is your interest.

Changing Category Mix

Our participants currently support programs in a wide range of categories:

Types of Programs Currently Managed by Respondents

Category Percentage

Retail 88%

Travel 39%

Fin Services 39%

B2B 37%

Healthcare 18%

CPG 34%

Subscriptions 46%

Education 16%

Automotive 20%

Telecom 13%

As we reviewed these figures, what stood out most were the relatively large numbers of people managing B2B and Auto accounts. Historically these categories have been far less developed in our industry. We believe that the figures provide another signal of the broadening of the affiliate industry.

In sum, we work very hard to provide the best data possible for the Buyers Guide. Scores and ratings are truly “by the market, for the market.” Individuals who would like to participate in future panels should join the Martech Record community to better stay abreast of future research opportunities.


These topline metrics just scratch the surface of what is available in the complete guide. Here are just a few elements of what’s included in this unique and valuable report:

  • Best Platform for Brands, Agencies, and Publishers

  • Feature Ratings for 12 Technology and Usability Measures

  • Best Platforms for Product Types (e.g., retail, travel, etc.)

  • Extensive analysis

Download a copy of the full report here.

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