Buy Side from WSJ is a 'natural extension' of Dow Jones' mission, says Josh Stinchcomb

Dow Jones in June announced the launch of the Buy Side from WSJ – a product review site with an affiliate business model. Josh Stinchcomb, Global Chief Revenue Officer of Dow Jones, said the company was preparing the launch for some time, working to make sure the site could bring “something unique to the space.”

“We tested and thought through different iterations over the last year and Buy Side is the manifestation of that process,” Stinchcomb said.

The review site is a “natural extension and expansion” of the Dow Jones mission to provide consumers with trusted journalism, data and analysis. The Buy Side aims to leverage and build upon that trust to help consumers make decisions about how they spend their time and money.

“We strive to be the first source readers consult when making purchasing decisions, whether that’s decking out their new office or deciding which credit card best suits their needs,” Stinchcomb said.

That’s an important distinction – the Buy Side aims to “bridge the gap” between affiliate sites that are consumer product-driven and those that are more focused on personal finance services.

“We believe Buy Side has a unique opportunity to be successful in both areas,” Stinchcomb said.

The aim is to provide unbiased and informed reviews: Buy Side’s editorial team operates with complete editorial independence. The writers don’t see the affiliate revenue numbers and choose products based solely on what will serve readers, said Stinchcomb.

“We’re elevating the experience by helping [readers] navigate through the clutter and getting them to a decision that is most relevant to them,” he said.

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