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The Rise of B2B

Stream this event on-demand here. B2B Marketers discussed the complexity of leveraging affiliate to enable complex business sales on 12/1/21.

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Stream on-demand here: Jack Phan, CMO of AirDeck, Jessica Spira, VP of Growth at Ziff Media and Ty Lingley, Head of Partnerships at talk about what works, what doesn't work and what will change in 2022.

Digital marketing has always been more complicated for B2B. With more stakeholders and a more complex sales process delivering the right message at the right time and tracking its performance is difficult. But, the rise of content, the introduction of better technology and buyers willingness to engage online is bringing about a change in how B2B marketers embrace performance marketing. With the right strategy good B2B marketers can significantly reduce the cost of sale and demonstrate effectiveness.

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