Agency speaker series: Acceleration Partners

In Martech Record's first agency speaker series conversation we sit down with Acceleration Partner's CEO Matt Wool and company founder Bob Glazer to talk about their recent book Moving to Outcomes, why Partnerships are the Future of Marketing.

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It’s been five years since Robert Glazer’s book “Performance Partnerships: The Checkered Past, Changing Present and Exciting Future of Affiliate Marketing” was published. The founder of Acceleration Partners now has another book, which he co-authored with Matthew Wool. This one, called “Moving to Outcomes: Why Partnerships are the Future of Marketing,” also focuses on the industry, which has grown and changed significantly in recent years.

Glazer considered updating “Performance Partnerships” and adding a new chapter to reflect such transformative shifts in the industry, but realized that describing the reality of the industry today would take more than just updates.

“So I figured we’d write the sequel,” Glazer said in a conversation with Martech Record. “Yes, we could have gone back to update it, but that would be like adding a chapter to ‘Moby Dick.’ It wouldn’t make sense,” Wool said. “A lot of the industry now looks at things the way we looked at it in ‘Performance Partnerships’ so the question became ‘What is the next evolution?’”

In the last five years, partnership marketing has become more automated and scalable, SaaS has become a much bigger part of the industry, and publisher and network models have changed and expanded their global reach, Wool said. “That made it so that looking toward the future was really the most important thing we could do,” Wool said.

Glazer said he’s hearing more and more conversations about how traditional digital marketing channels have been increasingly unprofitable. That “digital marketing inflation” has pushed publications to try to figure out what’s next. Wool said the book doesn’t encourage anyone to stop advertising on Google or Instagram, but to take advantage of opportunities in partnership marketing to find greater ROIs.

As partner programs gain traction, Glazer said he expects to start seeing more of a professional track develop specifically for those specializing in partnerships. Positions like “VP or Partnerships” or “Chief Partnership Officer” haven’t historically existed for brands, but they may start popping up, Glazer said. Someone running a partner program today needs a wide range of skills in: sales and business development, outreach, onboarding, client service engagement, management, quantitative metric creative campaign development, among other things.

“What we see over and over again is that brands don’t understand the among of resourcing it takes to do this,” Wool said.

“Moving to Outcomes” is aimed at the C-suite, Glazer said, whereas “Performance Partnerships” was more of a training manual for organizations and written for an affiliate manager or someone inside the industry.

“We’re trying to show [the C-suite] some of the trends we talked about in ]Performance Partnerships’ and what is fundamentally changing in the market that is going to lead people down that road.”

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