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Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide 2020 Market Presence Index

The Martech Record 2020 North America Market Presence Index is a measurement of buyer intent and preference, compiled from a survey of 75 affiliate industry experts who serve on an advisory panel.

The survey asked three questions:

  1. Which platforms/networks are you aware of? (Awareness)

  2. ​Which platforms/networks would you consider putting in an RFP? (Consideration)​

  3. Which platform/network would you choose if you could only choose one? (Preference)

The results were tabulated with heaviest weight given to preference, followed next by consideration. The Top Market Presence results are as follows.

Note: Scores are based off of expert panel survey responses and weighted around 3 factors: awareness, consideration, and preference. A higher score indicates a stronger market presence, and a lower score indicates a lower market presence amongst our panel of industry experts.

Want more data and independent reviews?

The 2020 Martech Record Affiliate Marketing Platform Buyers Guide is now available. Sign up here to gain access.

The Buyer's Guide contributors include a panel of industry experts, business journalists, and impartial thought leaders currently working in the marketplace. Gain access to this valuable data and information by simply joining Martech Record’s community. ​

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