Affiliate Colleagues Mingle Live and in Person

A Martech Record & PMA Happy Hour in at St. Pat's Pub in Times Square, supported by Awin proved that the industry is ready and willing to rub elbows in person again.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of Awin

Martech Record and the PMA hosted a casual happy hour on Monday July 19th. Prior to the event the hosts and sponsor had expressed curiosity at the potential attendance. "This was the first live event in so long that we were really not sure if people would come and if so, how they would interact" said Sarah Beeskow Blay, PMA member and Vice President, North America for Silverbean.

Over the past 15 months the relationship driven industry adapted. Virtual happy hours and zoom meetings have become the norm, helping to drive growth and change in the industry. But industry members still craved the personal connection that seeing someone, unscheduled and in person provides.

"I've been surprised by how effective we've been as an industry without in person meetings, that said, it was a thrill to see everyone and be able to make quick connections in a way that is not the same with a scheduled zoom meeting" Said Adam Weiss, Founder of Weiss Digital Consulting.

The hosts and sponsor had anticipated a crowd of 50-75 people, and we're surprised and elated when more than double that showed up.

"It's not just that there were a lot more people that we had predicted, it was how engaged and excited to talk shop. people were. We've missed that spontaneity and it was a real rush to see it back." said William Hamer-Jones, VP, Partnerships & Affiliate at Matterkind.

Time will tell if in person events will come back and in what form. But July's happy hour was proof that despite all of the recent change in our lives, human connection remains vital.

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