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2023 Martech Record Influencer Platform Market Presence Index

The Martech Record 2023 Market Presence Index is a measurement of buyer intent and preference of influencer/creator marketing platforms, compiled from a survey of 178 affiliate marketing publishers, advertisers and agency professionals across North America. This is a measure of awareness, consideration and preference among affiliate marketers.

The survey asks three questions:

  1. Which platforms/networks are you aware of? (Awareness)

  2. ​Which platforms/networks would you consider putting in an RFP? (Consideration)​

  3. Which platform/network would you choose if you could only choose one? (Preference)

The results were tabulated with heaviest weight given to preference, followed next by consideration and then awareness. All members of our survey answered these questions, regardless of if they have ever used the platform.

This is a measure of perception of an audience of affiliate marketers.

Results separated by agency, publisher and advertiser will be published at the end of January.

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