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Awin has Appointed David Lloyd as its First Chief Customer Officer
News from our partner Awin

February 24th, 2022

Awin has announced the appointment of David Lloyd as Chief Customer Officer, a new role for the company. A long-time Google leader who helped the company ascend to top advertising partner to many retailers in the UK, Lloyd was most recently General Manager for the UK, Netherlands, and Nordics for Alibaba Group. 


Lloyd’s appointment sparked a great deal of industry buzz because of what it signals about the rapidly evolving affiliate industry and how Awin is driving proactive change. As the affiliate business has expanded rapidly, notably since COVID-19, brand perceptions about the channel and its role have evolved considerably. 


David has more than two decades of experience in marketing, working with senior marketing leaders both within and beyond the traditional affiliate arena. He brings a holistic view of marketing to Awin and embodies the company’s efforts to change what being customer-centric means in the channel. 


The company has long believed that while many businesses and pundits have articulated a vision for a more central and strategic role for affiliate, key actions must accompany all that grand talk. By establishing a new standard toward meeting customer needs, Awin is driving genuine change in the market. 


Awin believes that today’s affiliate opportunities are best addressed when teams take a consumer-centric versus channel-centric view. As affiliate marketing interactions are now driving a quarter or more of total sales for many businesses, it’s plain that brands and their partners must manage these consumer touchpoints strategically. In keeping with Awin’s goal to be a single solution through which marketers can drive maximum results from all forms of partnership, the appointment of Lloyd as Chief Customer Officer is another significant signal of the company’s commitment to serving clients as a genuine business partner.


Said Mr. Lloyd, “Awin wants to capitalize on increased investment in affiliate marketing partnerships and bring the benefits to even more businesses that need profitable, risk-free solutions tailored for any marketing challenge. I have joined a fantastic team and am finding great opportunities to leverage my experience to further optimize Awin’s customer journeys, putting the customer’s needs at the heart of every interaction they have with us.”


In his new role, Mr. Lloyd leads every aspect of Awin’s customer experience, leading the company’s Regional Managers and Global Publisher, Account Management, Operations, New Business, Marketing & PR teams. In keeping with the importance of this new role for the company, Lloyd has also joined the Awin Executive Board, which sets the vision and key initiatives of the business. 


The appointment also points to Awin’s global footprint and success in acquiring many new clients focused on taking a more strategic approach to the channel, particularly in North America. 


Continued Lloyd, “The need to deliver genuine brand value to our clients is strongest in markets like the United States and the UK where the channel is most developed. Our organization is driving innovation and change in how companies work with partners of all types. It’s an exhilarating time at Awin because we are unlocking the full potential of affiliate as it moves to the center of go-to-market planning for most leading brands. And we’re doing so by aligning everything to how brands put consumer needs first.”


Awin is a marketing technology platform, providing an open marketplace for businesses to manage any type of partnership. From traditional affiliates, mass media, influencers to B2B, advertisers selling products or services online can seamlessly leverage engaged consumer audiences to grow sales, expand customer reach and strengthen their brand. With over 400 merchants and 12,000 publishers joining our US network each month, Awin is the fastest growing platform in the US. Our data led multitouch point attribution solution empowers ecommerce brands to drive incremental e-commerce growth and guaranteed results.

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