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Marketing is the process of bringing a product to market: building a product, identifying your target, pricing the product, promoting the product and finding partners to distribute your product. Market forces altered the processes we built in the 20th century, and replaced it with digital silos (search, social, programmatic, marketplace etc) that have done little to grow diversified revenue streams for publishers or clear ROI for brands.  


But, improved technology, frictionless payments and trusted content are now creating sustainable business models for publishers and clear ROI for brands.  Affiliate revenue is no longer second fiddle for content creators, nor can it be ignored by CMOs. By whichever name you use: affiliate marketing, commerce content, performance PR, influencer marketing, etc, compensating partners or being compensated for driving a sale is an important part of your strategy


The place where marketing, content and commerce collide is affiliate marketing. 

Join us on May 23rd to learn from the investors, publishers, brands and agencies that are creating value from this convergence.

The Space at Flatiron, NYC, 35 E. 21st Street, Manhattan, NYC

Cocktail reception on the rooftop

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Speakers include:

Gayle Meyers, The Winterberry Group, Maneesh Chawla, Senior Partner, Comvest  

Jessy Fofana, Founder /CEO LaRue PR,  Bob Berstein, Managing Director, JEGI-CLARITY

Blake Saunders, Managing Director, Methuselah Advisors; Bennett Thompson, Managing Director, Mountaingate Capital 

Breton Fischetti, VP Commerce Revenue, Recurrent Ventures and Nicole Phillips, Founder & CEO Qatch 


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Registration includes panel discussions, networking breaks, and a cocktail reception. Limited tickets available. 


Introduction: Michael McNerney, Publisher of Martech Record on why sharing best practices is the best way to ensure growth for a new industry. 


Affiliate market drivers. 3:30-4pm: What is driving investment in affiliate marketing? And, how has this changed in the past year? What are the investments few people know about right now? Join top tier investors as they address where they see value in the market. 


Shifting advertising spend. 4pm-4:30pm: Affiliate is now mainstream, what does that mean for the overall ad budget? Who is winning and who is losing share? Join leading advertisers and their agencies to learn how senior marketers are thinking about incorporating affiliate into their ad budgets.  


Cocktail break: 4:30-5pm


The maturation of the affiliate service model. 5pm-5:30: Affiliate recruitment and management service has entered a new era. Traditional OPMs have consolidated and professionalized and PR agencies have entered the market.  Join agency leaders and their investors to hear how new service offerings and industry consolidation is helping affiliate agencies earn their seat at the table. 


The new publishing model. 5:30-6pm. How professionalization of the affiliate model has created a growth path for publishers. Hear from startup to enterprise publishers on how they have been able to use partnerships to diversify revenue and build a sustainable model. 


Rooftop cocktail party: 6pm-8pm. Sponsored by FlipGive


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