Affiliate Industry Compensation Report   

Our 2022 Affiliate Industry Compensation Report includes salaries from nearly 100 agencies, brands, publishers, and platforms. 


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Summary of Findings

​Publishers are investing in more than technology. They are investing in the kind of cross functional skill sets that allow different parts of the organization to be sewn together in new and productive ways. This is reflected in the high salaries at the Director level. These are the people connecting sales, marketing, editorial, finance and leadership from an operational level and creating value where there was none. We suspect that agency and brand roles will follow this path, rewarding those people who are able to effectively manage across an organization as marketing silos continue to collide. 


If you are at the manager level, you should be thinking less about your ego and more about how to be the go-to person when leadership is looking for someone who knows how to work with different functions (sales, editorial, clients, marketing, finance) and different channels (PR, social, OOH, CTV, Search, etc).  At networks/platforms, be the person who can build go-to-markets for new content types and channels. The people who can connect these dots will be the leaders of tomorrow. And paid for it. 



Total count: 29 // Total compensation range: $38,200-$180,000

Managers: (15): $38,200-$180,000

Average: $84,173 // Median: $79,000​


Directors: (9):  $54,750-$160,000

Average: $97,055 // Median: $115,000 


Total count: 24 // Total compensation range: $70,000-$220,000


Managers (19): $70,000-$175,000

Average: $125,228 // Median: $123,000​


Directors (4): $97,000-$220,000

Average: $141,750


Total count: 24 // Total compensation range: $51,000-$360,000


Managers (12): $51,000-$189,000

Average: $110,250 // Median: $100,000​


Directors(12): $93,000-$350,000

Average: $230,916 // Median: $225,000 



Total count: 22 // Total compensation range: $50,750-$260,000 


Managers (4): $95,000-$164,000

Average: $122,8750​

Directors(5): $80,000-$240,000 

Average: $154,000 // Median: $130,000 ​


About the Survey 

Data was collected between January and February 2022 via a survey administered by Martech Record. Information is presented as it was entered on the survey with the exception of identifying information, which was eliminated to protect the privacy of survey participants. 

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