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Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide 

Top Tracking, Reporting, and Payment Tech
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“Great for a team looking for more data insight than the average client. Provides a clear way to automate and pull reports. Allows you to take more control of the channel. They are perfect.”

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Partner Marketing Platforms allow you to track sales, report on data from the sale, and pay your partners a commission. Most platforms come with access to a network of publishers that eases the burden of recruiting your own publishers.


Most platform networks are walled gardens, only allowing access to publishers if you are a paying advertiser or an active publisher.


Different networks evolved to serve different needs: some are designed for small businesses, some serve certain verticals, some are “all in one” packaged with service, some are technology-only and require you to do the heavy lifting, some are highly sophisticated and designed to scale giant global programs and produce sophisticated reports, some simply report revenue, some are designed for channel relationships, others for affiliate.


It is important to know your objectives.

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