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Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide 

Independent Reviews: ShareASale

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Tech (Reporting, Tracking, Commissioning)

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“Cannot set up a lot of sophisticated implementations and unless you know what to ask for, you wouldn’t know it exists.”

“You have to work with their client service teams and it’s only over email. Their UI is terrible — you can’t even pull the simplest report. You have to have things set up and tagged correctly, which is not easy to figure out. They have basic reports but they can’t be broken down at the partner level.”

“Don’t have as much advanced reporting.”

“Reporting is bad. How they frame and word it makes no sense. If I wanted a daily report, I still don’t know how to get one. It’s simple to a fault.”

“You have to figure it out and have to pre-fund the account everyday. If the balance dips below, the account shuts down and stops tracking.”

“Antiquated. Not many updates over the years. Reporting tries to fit you into the box. Very little customizing.”

“Lacks granular reporting and payment structures and can only pull high-level reports. If I wanted to get the referring URL or certain location or device, I can’t get that on SaS.”

“With AWIN acquisition, they are a little in limbo. There has not been a lot of investment or any tech advancement. They don’t have dedicated account managers so it may be more difficult for a large brand that would need to hire an agency or in-house team.” 

“Their interface looks like it’s 1993. A standard performance report always has errors — we always have to do Excel Wizardly to make it accurate and useable.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

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“Best for small to mid clients or those new to affiliates who do not have the budget to invest in agency support and robust data. Good for building out an influencer network.”

“Great for a new program that is just getting into affiliate. Good launch platform because it’s cheap, easy to use and quick to get rolling.”

“SaS good for an advertisers who wants to get started. Good way to prove if the affiliate channel will work for a brand.”

“If you are small and in the beauty vertical it great because so many influencers are on the platform.”

“Easy for the shopify brands. If you’re just setting up a basic program to capture sales data, it’s easy with a true self-service model.”

“Super easy for influencers to sign up, so it's good for managing an in-house influencer program where you want to be able get influencers to sign up and track them and not have to do it yourself.”


“Easy to use. Intuitive, simple, affordable. Conversion line tool is very handy to show all the touch points coming through the channel. It’s not as complete as more sophisticated programs that incorporated the other channels. Can commission based on where they come in the channel."

“Low-key favorite network. Straightforward and easy.”

“Easy to set up. It’s seems a good entry-level network.”


“Really, really simple. With one click, you can change someone’s commission, which usually takes a day. So it is instant. You don’t have lag time. You can set up different commissioning rules that depend on the level of payment, you get access to tools.” 

“Ease of activation of partners is the best feature.”



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“Can set up a lot of sophisticated implementations. But unless you know what to ask for, you never know it would exist. You have to work with their client service teams and it's only over email.


Pricing Value

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“Really great for someone who wants to dip their toe in the affiliate space. Very affordable.”


“Low barrier to entry. Their standard commission gets advertisers to look at them when there are bigger minimums and set up fees at the other platforms and networks.”

“Great for programs without budget. Low barrier, low risk and implementation is pretty simple.”


Quality of Publisher Network

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“They have a good marketplace. Everyone is on SaS and it’s easy to get publishers to join SaS.”

“They don’t have a lot of big publishers. Not a lot of big media partners are joined.”

“With recruitment, you have to know who you want to work with. There’s no discovery.”

“It's certainly a low barrier to entry, so it is a great place for anyone looking tap into affiliate marketing but still have great partners. AWIN and SAS publisher network is unified so if you’re just starting out, it’s great.” 



Key Verticals: Retail, Fashion


Typical Clients: SMB, Mid Size, New Programs, Shopify Clients


Managed Services: Self-Serve Model


Agency Platform: Yes


Review content provided by ShareASale for an overview of their products and services in areas including:


Tracking, Reporting, and Payment Options

Platform/Network Services

Partner Network

Pricing and Positioning

Company and Contact Information

Rating Key

4-Star Ratings Key:

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= Best in Class

= High Quality

= Serviceable, but Lacks Key Features or Updates

= Consistently Poor

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