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Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide 

Independent Reviews: CJ Affiliate

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Tech (Reporting, Tracking, Commissioning)

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“If you’re trying to get your feet wet, they have good tech.”

“Reporting is decent. I can get in there and find what I want and pull basic reports. Text links are easy.”

“Their tech lacks innovation and is always a few steps behind in terms of reporting.”

“High level reports but can’t get granular. I can’t build out reports by myself and save them. We have one account so I can’t customize, so I have to do the same steps over and over. It’s old — they have not put resources into the tech.”

“Doesn’t have a lot of tech options and can’t be as custom with commissions. You don’t have insight to the click path, so you can’t commission in a tiered way. You’re limited to their tech — they can’t do fun things on the fly or create any custom tech. Also no attribution and no customization.”

“Lacking innovation in everything tech-related.”

“Limited commissioning capiliaties. Don’t like the 7-day wait time to sign contract.”

“Reporting is fast, flexible, you can use  tableau, great analytics, but their tag integration as it relates to tracking is probably the last in the industry. No global tag (it’s in beta) but that’s been underway for two years. They are moving towards tech partner integrations - whereas all their competitors have been doing this for a year plus. But they invested a lot of time with their dashboard and their analytics, they prob have some of the strongest in around. They have Ferrari body with a honda civic engine."


“An integration will take forever. They are controlling. They can’t do a lot of custom integrations. To get anything, they’re needs to be a VP to VP call.”

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

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“Easy UI, intuitive”

“Relatively easy UI to navigate”

“It's easy to get started as a smaller brand.”

“UX/UI is great, fast, looks good, and is user friendly. When you first create a program with CJ, they offer really great training right upfront (from a publisher perspective) that others do not offer. But when you first go in, they have a revamped publisher training program is really, really helpful if you are new.”

“Their reporting is straightforward. It’s not as advanced but really easy to get a snapshot of what is important. It’s pretty easy to use.”

“More difficulty pulling reports. There’s always one or two extra steps and can’t segment well. More complicated to get the data the way I want it.” 

“Their reporting is straightforward. It’s not as advanced but really easy to get a snapshot of what is important. It’s pretty easy to use.”

“More difficulty pulling reports. There’s always one or two extra steps and can’t segment well. More complicated to get the data the way I want it.” 



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“They throw a killer conference. They have been around and their people know their stuff.”

“They have a conference that is great.”


“CJ is the best to work with as a publisher/tech integration. Our publisher development rep is super responsive, and their AMs are really responsive.”


“Longstanding presence so they must be doing something right. They have a big sales team with aggressive tactics. They are open to feedback and making changes with larger brands.”

“Strong brand recognition, lots of reach, in house service team and events. Top of mind.”


“Good documentation for support. Don’t have to loop into their support team, you can easily  find answers online."


“if you’re not an enterprise account, their customer service could care less about their business.


“They don’t train clients. They don’t tell you that your contract auto-renews, if you don’t pay close attention you’re screwed. They don’t offer any real insights or support, even though they have amassed a huge amount of data.”


“Advertisers that migrate from CJ have not had a positive experience with CJ. They can be very aggressive when it comes to the legality of their contracts.”


“Support is not great. They just direct you to a help article.”


“We have a direct contact, and they are great.”


“Strong presence in the US. Global is good not great.”


Pricing Value

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“Tied to a percent of commission for every client, so they are incentivized to take credit for everything. Not good at allowing a brand to understand incremental value.”

“Their pricing is pretty fair, and they will negotiate. They will be flexible.”

“Their pricing is insane and incredibly expensive for the service and network.”

“If you’re not a power user, new to affiliate, you want to make sure you have a well-rounded program. CJ is a good thing, probably on high side on price but fine. Has good tools and support. Recruitment tools are really easy to use and excellent. Good compliance team. EVERYONE has a publisher account with CJ. Their interface is sooo intuitive. Their wording and phrasing is industry standard.”

“CJ is best for large advertisers. For small clients, they are expensive and the commissions they are taking are sizable.”

“Good if you do not want to pay for SaaS tech and access to all the partners.”

“Buying CJ is like buying IBM — you won’t get fired for choosing the old standard. It’s not the bravest choice, but sometimes that’s the best choice.”

“Good for people that are looking for the full service, not only the network but also someone to manage it. A good fit if you don’t need complex reporting and don’t need all the bells and whistles.”

“Good value if don’t want to shake things up. Or you are new and want out of the box.”


Quality of Publisher Network

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“If you need a network that still have diversity across verticals, CJ is still the leader.”


“They do the simple things well. I like the publishers on CJ. They send publisher opportunity newsletter. It’s a simple thing, but they are tons of help in making us aware of new or up and coming publishers and they include media kits. I wish every network did that.”


“From a publisher perspective, CJ is a notch above. Their network of advertisers and publishers has such a breadth.”


“Strong marketplace, everyone is on CJ.”


“Been around the longest and are integrated with all the publishers.”


“They have a ton a publishers, so they are good if you are looking to just jump on a network.”


“They have a really good publisher base.”


“I like, similar to Rakuten in that a lot of people are familiar, it’s preferred by publishers. Good for ease of working with publisher.”


“Really good variety of publishers and doing a better job of policing the quality of publishers. In terms of advertisers, CJ has a really good variety.  Although it does seem like they are still losing ground,  they are so massive and with so many advertisers, when I go in and break out opps by vertical there are still thousands of advertisers."



Key Verticals: Retail


Typical Clients: Cross vertical and cross market


Managed Services: Recruitment and Managed Program Services available


Agency Platform: Yes


Review content provided by CJ Affiliate for an overview of their products and services in areas including:


Tracking, Reporting, and Payment Options

Platform/Network Services

Partner Network

Pricing and Positioning

Company and Contact Information

Rating Key

4-Star Ratings Key:

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= Best in Class

= High Quality

= Serviceable, but Lacks Key Features or Updates

= Consistently Poor

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