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Independent Reviews: Awin


Tech (Reporting, Tracking, Commissioning)

“What makes AWIN interesting is their work on tools, partnerships with other tool providers. They can do quick and easy integrations. If you launch with AWIN, you have access to other add-on tools. The strategy there is to partner for non-core functionality (i.e. attribution, they have a suite of technology providers). They have the lead in the marketplace strategy but nothing is preventing CJ and Rakuten from copying.”

“The marketplace strategy means they won’t have the technical capacity in house, limited attribution technology.” 

“Their technology is pretty top notch.”

“They have the worst, worst, worst, technical integration to the point where I almost never recommend, even for people who know what they are doing. Having a system of four redundancies makes it impossible.”

“Mastertag is their way of encompassing any kind of tracking, specifically server-to-server. Ahead of the game in cookieless tracking.”

“The acquisitions have been part of the expansion. They are a partner and buy company so their tech is not always integrated across acquisitions.”

“Very secure so if you have fraud concerns, their onboarding of affiliates is best in its class. Screening and vetting is strong. Strong share in UK – good for growth in U.S. Attribution tools are good but not a differentiator.”

“Aesthetics are great, reporting is intuitive, fast, lots of ways to ingest data, they have a global container tag. From a US point of view they are more limited in terms of US clients. For our UK team they are the strongest partnerships."

“AWIN’s tech is really fantastic, I saw that as someone who was jaded by them a decade ago. Tracking is great.” 

“Not super tech forward. Focus seems to be size of network and their services.”


Ease of Use

“Good for enterprise accounts that who want to use their integrations.”

“Super easy, super straightforward. I have used it less than others, but I like working in it more. It's more responsive faster and the aesthetics are nicer – it's just more pleasant to be there.”

“Dashboard is great. They have an interesting stoplight system that let’s publishers know where merchants are in terms of paying their bills (red means they are terrible).”

“Aesthetics are great, reporting is intuitive, fast, lots of ways to ingest data, they have a global container tag. From a US point of view they are more limited in terms of US clients. For our UK team they are the strongest partnerships.”

“Straightforward, not visually impressive. But functional.”



“Usually they are competitive with the CJ and the Rakuten in that they have managed services."

“Pleasantly surprised.  For tech issues we have someone, intros if we need, people pointing us in the right direction. 
As a publisher we have people working directly with us.”

“They actually have a group that goes after the merchants to make sure they pay – and they will front them sometimes - so great for”

“Very heavy on recruiting and management service. They are great.”

 ”Service is good. They have ambassadors who go far out and above to foster relationships. They really try in good faith to make intros.”


Pricing Value

“Not competitive with pricing. Their default is something like 30% (of commission) and they are not as flexible as other networks."

“Globally, almost all partners are run through AWIN. As a publisher – the value of time spent here is extremely strong. They are strong across all verticals – with the exception of large US clients.”

“Advertisers that need a global footprint should use AWIN. Even though they do not have a strong US presence, they do have the capability.”


Quality of Publisher Network

“Publisher front, broad selection, more global than most. But they have all US pubs you’d expect... Advertisers are well spread across verticals, more global focused."

“They have combined AWIN and ShareASale publisher networks, so it’s comprehensive and global.”

“They come from Europe, so they have big brands, but there are only so many North American companies on the platform. Good tech, not so comprehensive in the US.”

“This is where AWIN excels. They have a vast network. You can be surprised by seeing super small and very large brands."


Key Verticals: Retail, Fashion, Beauty

Typical Clients: Enterprise Retail


Managed Services: Recruitment and Managed Program Services Available


Agency Platform: Yes


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