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Tracking, Reporting, and Payment Options

Tracking Features and Unique Capabilities  

We offer several tracking options:

• Server-to-Server (Recommended): Establishes a direct connection between Partnerize and the advertiser. Because click and conversion data are stored with the advertiser, S2S is unaffected by changes in browser cookie policies like Safari ITP.
• First-Party Cookies: Secure, cookie-based tracking.
• Container Tag: Installed directly on your website or through an existing tag manager. Reduces the amount of manual integration work related to changing browser functionality and data policies, as well as Google Parallel Tracking.
• Batch-Based Tracking: For advertisers with special needs or security requirements.

In addition, we offer Partnerize AllTrack, a suite of mobile tracking methodologies to ensure that we can capture conversions that take place on any connected device, including on the mobile web and in mobile apps. There are three tracking options with All-Track:
• Partnerize SDK: Uses a lightweight and secure SDK to track conversions in your app at no additional charge.
• Server-to-Server: Uses a direct connection between advertiser and Partnerize to ensure every event and conversion are captured.
• Third-Party Mobile Tracking Integrations: Pre-built integrations with app attribution companies including Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, and Oplytic.

Standard Advertiser Reports Available

At-a-Glance Dashboard Reporting by advertiser, campaign, class of partner, individual partner, region, brand, item category, and individual item.

Click Reporting for any time period: by advertiser, campaign, class of partner, individual partner, region, brand, item category, and individual item.

Conversion Reporting for any time period: by advertiser, campaign, class of partner, individual partner, region, brand, item category, and individual item.

Abandonment Reporting for any time period: by advertiser, campaign, class of partner, individual partner, region, brand, item category, and individual item.

Business Intelligence (Insights) Reporting: by advertiser, campaign, class of partner, individual partner, region, brand, item category, and individual item.

Customer Journey Mapping/Clickstream Reporting: outlines the initiating, contributing, and converting partners by conversion and at the campaign level for precision attribution analysis.

Dynamic Attribution: displays transactions attributed to publisher partners based on enabled attribution logic.

Content (Creative) Reporting: by advertiser, campaign, creative type, individual creative, and placement.

Active and Inactive Publisher Reporting: shows publishers currently driving and not driving traffic and sales for a brand.

Payment/Invoice Reporting: by conversion review/approval/rejection, approved payments, pending payments, and payment delivery by partner.

Benchmark Reporting: quarterly analysis of a brand's performance compared to like brands.

Self-Service Report Customization Available


Cloud-based Report Access


Email Delivery Available for All Reports


Agency-Specific Product Capabilities


Built-In Tracking Capabilities

Mobile Web to Mobile Web Tracking
Mobile Web to App Tracking
App to App Tracking

Compatible Tag Management Systems

Google Tag Manager
Adobe Dynamic Tag Management
Tealium IQ
Launch by Adobe

Mobile Tracking Tools with Direct SDK Integrations


Currencies Available for Payments

US Dollar, Great Britain Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan/Renminbi, Bahamian Dollar, Bahraini Dinar, Bangladeshi Taka, Bolivian Boliviano, Brazilian Real, Bulgarian Lev, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Costa Rica Colon, Croatian Kuna, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Guatemalan Quetzal, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Israeli New Shekel, Jordanian Dinar, Kazakhstani Tenge, Kenya Shilling, Lebanese Pound, Malaysian Ringgit, Mexican Peso, Moroccan Dirham, New Taiwan Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Nigerian Naira, Norwegian Krone, Pakistani Rupee, Peruvian Sol, Philippine Peso, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Romanian Lei, Russian Ruble, Saudi Rial, Singapore Dollar, South African Rand, South Korean Won, Sri Lankan Rupee, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Tanzanian Shilling, Thai Baht, Turkish Lira, UAE Dirham, and Uruguayan Peso.

Payment Types Offered


Pixel, API and Tracking Documentation

API documentation for clients and partners:

Our pixel implementation guide is available to clients and partners, and prospects currently working with our sales team.


Platform/Network Services

Partner Recruitment Services Available to Advertisers

All Advertisers have access to a complete range of professional services, including partner recruitment via our comprehensive and flexible managed service capabilities. Specific needs will be assessed during the sales and onboarding processes. For more information, please see

Program / Partner Management Services Available to Advertisers

Partnerize provides marketers with a range of service options. For more information, please see

Spend Threshold and Deliverables for Each Service Level 

Partnerize clients can choose from a range of service options, from full service to a consultative approach that caters to their unique needs, regardless of where they fall on the affiliate learning curve. We also offer the category's only in-housing practice, designed to help marketers cultivate channel expertise before they take program management in-house. Specific needs will be evaluated during the sales and onboarding processes and the appropriate service model will be mapped to defined advertiser needs.

Process for Monitoring and Preventing Fraud 

Partnerize offers comprehensive fraud detection and prevention as well as "always on" compliance monitoring. Key features include:
• Machine-learning-based detection of potential partner fraud.
• Dedicated suite in the platform for potential fraud incidents, review, and resolution.
• Automated fraud alerts system that monitors critical data and notifies users if anomalies warrant investigation for possible fraud. Notifications by email, Slack or in Fraud Manager Interface when suspicious activity warrants further investigation.
• Monitoring of partner and order activity that can indicate attribution fraud, click fraud and reselling fraud.
• Ability to whitelist partners deemed safe at the advertiser level.
• Automatic adjustment for seasonal variation/performance spikes like Black Friday.
• Incident resolution through csv download, rejecting conversion(s) or publisher, whitelist partner or incident deletion/dismissal.
• Compliance monitoring enables identification and management of partners' search, code, content and domain infractions, and rehabilitation of partner violators.

Process for Vetting Partners and Monitoring Partner Compliance 

Partners that sign up for Partnerize are reviewed through a comprehensive verification process involving both automated vetting and manual human review. Once accepted onto Partnerize, partners are also monitored for problematic content and behavior using BrandVerity solutions.

With Partnerize's acquisition of BrandVerity, the leading provider of search monitoring and web compliance offerings for the partnerships and search industries, advertisers can use BrandVerity data to monitor programs and partners for brand protection and compliance risks.

• BrandVerity's Paid Search Monitoring tools expose bad actors bidding on branded terms, their competing ad copy, landing pages, and much more. Advanced link analysis automatically flags fraudulent activity. Built-in tools make it easy to follow up with partners and track mitigation efforts.

• BrandVerity's Web Compliance tools enable brands to monitor the web for accuracy and compliance with legal and financial regulations. The tools simplify monitoring of hundreds or thousands of web pages and offer simple tools to flag problems for partners and track mitigation over time.


Partner Network

Active Partners as of Fall 2020

Diverse programs that move beyond coupon and cash back dependency are core to enabling you to fully realize the opportunity in the category. With that objective in mind, Partnerize technology was built to enable brands to find and recruit right-fit partners from a diverse supply database, including over 250k influencers, by leveraging your first party data to curate a high performing program. In addition to identifying and activating relevant partners via our platform, Partnerize enables marketers to easily import partners from their legacy provider with an efficient onboarding process. Clients leveraging the Parternize solution typically have an average of 47 revenue-active partners in any given month.

Unique Partner Relationships

Unique partner relationships come in several forms:

Unique Integrated Partners: Partnerize has developed direct integrations with partners to alleviate the technical integration process on behalf of advertisers. These relationships include Daasity, RevLifter and Cybba, and are unavailable through other affiliate or partner management platforms.

Unique-to-an-Advertiser Relationships: Partnerize offers advertisers the option of operating a private network in which some or all of their partners are never made public to other advertisers or partners. We currently power thousands of such relationships for advertisers in retail, travel, finance, subscriptions and telecom. Many of these relationships are the largest partners by volume for our advertisers.

Unique-to-an-Advertiser Influencer Relationships: We work with a number of our advertisers to connect brand employees and ambassadors for powerful performance marketing campaigns. These individuals are available only to the advertiser that onboards them originally.

Unique Brand Partner Relationships: We work exclusively with dozens of leading brands to power brand-to-brand alliances. Partnerize pioneered these sorts of performance partnerships, and currently supports exclusive relationships and alliances for leading finance, retail, travel and subscriptions businesses.

Unique Content Partner Relationships: Partnerize has led the way in connecting leading tier-one content providers to the performance marketing industry. While other tech providers and networks connect some of them, Partnerize advertisers often have deeper integrations with such providers, owing to the quality of advertisers and campaigns we bring to the content publishers.

Process for Recruiting and Paying Influencers and Other Long Tail Partners 

Partnerize clients can work with influencers directly through our platform, or through our third-party integrations with leading influencer networks and communities like Zine and Sideqik. Advertisers that work directly with influencers typically have simplified sign-up processes and incentives for such partnerships.

To improve our ability to serve these influencers, who tend to be more mobile-centric and less technologically focused, we offer a variety of tools in our platform to ease platform and campaign sign-up. We have also developed exclusive tools like a Chrome extension that enables influencers to connect to specific items via deep links, without logging into the platform.

Additionally, compensation is set at the program level, meaning that marketers can customize both their program's partner makeup and reward structures, comprised of any combination of flat or variable commission structures and incentives.


Pricing and Positioning

Pricing Options Available to Advertisers 

Flat Fee (Most Common, SaaS-based. Monthly or Yearly)
Percent of Revenue
Percent of Commission

Pricing models vary based on the unique needs of the brand. Most clients choose a SaaS-based pricing model that offers flat-rate pricing over a given period for a given band of activity. Our pricing is based on gross booking value instead of a percentage of commission costs to better align our revenue to client profitability. This pricing gives brands cost certainty, margin protection, and assurance that Partnerize growth is perfectly aligned to their own. We also offer variable, percentage-based pricing for those clients that prefer it.

Set-up Fees for Advertisers

Based on specific client needs and usage levels.

Overage Charges


Separate Agency Pricing and Services


Incentives for Advertiser Exclusivity


Monthly Minimum Charges for Advertisers

Based on specific client needs and usage levels.

Unique Selling Proposition

Technology + Service
Partnerize is building a fundamentally better approach to partner management than what is offered by legacy affiliate networks or tech-only SaaS platforms. Networks deliver outsourced program management services, but lack the technology and tools to deliver maximum profitable growth through data-driven marketing. By contrast, SaaS-based tech-only platforms offer access to technology but don't offer expert service to help brands get maximum benefit from the tech.

Partnerize sits uniquely at the intersection of technology and service, delivering both the insights and precision of an advanced tech platform to manage all your partnerships combined with a configurable service model that enables agencies and advertisers to choose a level of partnership program support that meets their specific needs.

The Partnerize technology platform is unlike legacy network providers, providing an easy-to-use toolset that enables automation and scale. Our platform offers modularized components that support the entire partner marketing lifecycle in a single destination with no need for a la carte add-ons. The Partnerize platform delivers tools and technology to identify, recruit and activate right-fit partners, appropriately award and compensate partners, automate workflows, deliver data views and insights to optimize performance, and a complete suite of brand safety and compliance capabilities to reduce fraud, protect your brand, and maximize return on media investment.

Additional Advantages
Any Type of Performance Partnership: Manage affiliates, influencers, content partners, loyalty, referral and brand-to-brand alliances in one platform.

Category Expertise: Retail, Travel, Finance, Telecom, Subscriptions

Enterprise Scalable: Unlimited data capture and ability to seamlessly manage programs with 100,000+ partners.

Global: Driving sales and delivering payments in 215 countries and territories worldwide with local support teams in North America, EMEA, and APAC.

Payments: Ability to pay an unlimited number of partners, in their choice of 60 currencies, anywhere in the world, from a single client invoice.

Fraud and Brand Protection: Comprehensive fraud suite built into the product at no extra charge and available BrandVerity search monitoring and brand compliance protection.

Language Support: Platform available in 28 languages and customer support available via email in 80+ languages.

Local Teams and Expertise: Customer success and tech support teams available in North America, EMEA, and APAC for faster response times and deeper knowledge of key markets.

Security: Meets or exceeds the security standards of the world's largest tech companies.


Company and Contact Information

Annual Revenue from Affiliate/Partner Marketing Products and Services in North America


Number of Active North American Advertisers 


North American Advertisers Live on Platform

Partnerize works with 1,750+ clients including 1,000+ online and hybrid retailers, 100+ leading travel companies, 5 of the top 10 technology companies, and financial institutions with hundreds of billions in annual revenues. Partnerize drives and manages more than $7B in sales and $600M in partner payments annually.

Additional Information and Resources Provided by Platform

Partnerize recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to assess the ROI, benefits, and payback period for a brand to switch from a network to Partnerize. The study reveals that enterprise brands switching to Partnerize from a legacy affiliate network experience 330% ROI and investment payback in less than three months. Download a copy of the study here:

New Business Contact 

Please contact Maura Smith, ( ) and she will connect you to the right person for your region and industry.


Data and information in this profile was provided directly by the platform. Please reach out directly to the platform for further information. Access the full Affiliate Platform Buyer's Guide for independent reviews conducted by surveying and interviewing active affiliate managers. 


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