Martech Record strives to set a new standard for the quality and depth of information that is available to help buyers make good decisions, and inevitably achieve their goals.

Martech Record publishes resources to help marketing executives make well-informed technology purchase decisions and communicate clear, compelling support cases to their stakeholders.


We cultivate self-confidence in decision makers by offering easy-to-understand, easy-to-use content and tools in the areas of tracking, payments, reporting, and fraud detection technology. With truly empowering transparency, and reliable, high quality information, the Record positively impacts buyers’ consideration sets and facilitates introductions to sellers to streamline the entire purchase process.

Through professional, unbiased journalism and third-party surveys, valuable in-person events, and detailed buyer’s guides, the Record revolutionizes the transparency and distribution of industry information that has historically only been shared via word of mouth, and often with commercial bias. We provide straight-forward guidance to marketing executives, derived from legitimate research methodologies, productive connections, and thorough reporting, even on under-reported topics. Our true independent authority ultimately helps decision-makers achieve an expanded awareness and deeper understanding of products available in the marketplace.


When marketing executives responsible for tech and data purchases are empowered and well-informed, they make better decisions. It is simply bad business to maintain the status quo without challenge or to make six figure decisions based on biased or incomplete information, but that has been the reality for many until now. With the Martech Record, decision makers gain the confidence and understanding they need to make good decisions–which leads to improving processes, saving money, and not only avoiding failure, but achieving and exceeding goals. These better decisions play a key role in accelerating the market at large, resulting in more productive activity and better technology options in the long run.

We have over a century of collective experience buying and selling marketing technology.