Vegas themed breakout rooms bonded over missed connections and made bold predictions for 2021. More mergers, the maturation of influencers, commerce content and B2B headlined a fun evening.

Happy Hour Participants Make Bold 2021 Predictions

Martech Record Staff

2020 Affiliate Platform Market Presence Index

The Martech Record 2020 Affiliate Marketing Platform Market Presence Index* is compiled from a survey of 75 industry experts. A demographic breakdown is available here.

How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Platform

As advertisers, we often contemplate whether we are getting the best out of our chosen affiliate advertising partner platform. While it’s easy to choose the cheapest one and move forward with your affiliate sales, that method might not produce the best results for your company long-term.

Our unbiased reports, surveys, buyer’s guides, and invaluable in-person events can help empower you to make technology purchase decisions–and make them good ones.

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